Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum fix!

Guitar Hero Drum Fix

Guitar Hero Drum Fix

In the words of a Lemming… YIPPEE!!!

Hey, this is James’ friend, Pat.  I’m one of the many angry people that purchased this game soon after it’s release.  Well, I should say that I WAS one of the angry people because I have figured out how to fix the drum pads.  If it’s your cymbals that aren’t working then you’re more than likely screwed (unless you plugged it in wrong) because I didn’t have a problem with the cymbals at all.  If your cymbals aren’t working, here are a few things you can try:

- Make sure they’re plugged into the correct jack.  If they’re not, turn off the set, plug them in accordingly, then turn it back on.
- Try switching the cymbals to see if either works in the other jack.  This will let you see if it’s the port or the cymbal itself that isn’t working.
- If you’re adventurous you could even open it up and see if there are any wiring problems.

Speaking of wiring problems, I guarantee this is 90% of people’s problems with the drum pads themselves (not the cymbal).  I’d classify myself as an adventurous person, so I actually unscrewed the back of the drum set and took a look inside (I figured it couldn’t hurt and I actually own two metal Dance Dance Revolution pads and had to rewire them a few times. So this adventure wasn’t totally without experience).  The first thing I noticed was that they used some sort of silicone glue to attach the wires to the sensor.  It became obvious to me that this was clearly interfering with the drum’s reception so here’s what I did (I encourage people to try this too, although I AM NOT AT FAULT if you screw yours up):

1. Unscrew the back of the drum set and SLOWLY remove the back piece.
2. Use some sort of sharp tool to remove the glue from the sensor. (I used a small knife)
3. Clean off the glue if you want, but there are two parts to the 3 sensors.  There is the inside circle and the outer ring. (Make sure you remember which wire goes to which, because you have to reattach it to the same one of your set wont work.)
4. Strip down the wire a little bit so that there is more of the wire for the sensor to read.
5. Use electrical tape to tape down each wire to the appropriate part of the sensor. (While doing this, it is good to connect it to the Xbox to see if the drums are working properly. You’d hate to screw everything back in and find out something didn’t work right.)
6. Finally, be careful that you reattached everything properly and then screw everything back in.
7. Connect your controller and drum away!

I promise you that this worked for me.  This is definitely much better than sending it back in and waiting 2-3 weeks for them to fix it and ship it back.  If you think about it the wiring problem makes A LOT of sense.  I’m sure they didn’t think this would happen and they weren’t careful when gluing each wire to the sensor.  Yes, this is a small project that we SHOULDN’T have to do, but it’s definitely worth it.

I will answer questions if people have any, just leave a comment and I will check them and answer to the best of my knowledge.

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200 Responses to “Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum fix!”

  1. anthony Says:

    do u no how to put the drum pad back on after taking the pad off from the front of the drumset.

  2. admin Says:

    Pat unscrewed everything in the back when he fixed his set. He never took the front pad off. He will be back from dinner soon to answer more questions.

  3. xMCxKINNEYx Says:

    I didnt actually take the pad off, like James said. I unscrewed the back and if you do this too then you can easily get it back in. (I tried this and it worked)

  4. Eyeball Says:

    Hey man I hope this works and I am ever so happy somebody posted this but I have one question….Do I take the sawder right off??

  5. xMCxKINNEYx Says:

    I just removed the glue and kept the solder on the sensor. Then I taped the stripped wire to either the ring or the circle piece of the sensor. Trust me, it works.

  6. Eyeball Says:

    I did something different… I took apart the top thing where the a,b,y,x buttons are and the xbox button are, there is 2 things that clamp together and they werent fully on, try that if his idea doesnt work..

  7. mrbonk Says:

    Thanks soooooo much! This took me like 20 min and its is now working like a charm. Easy to do and now I dont have to send it out. Thanks again.

  8. Mutez Says:

    thx alot this worked for me. easy fix :)

  9. RexWashington Says:

    Note to everyone: This method does technically work. However, there is actually a MUCH simpler solution to this problem.

    It shouldn’t have anything to do with the silicone glue used to adhere the wires to the sensor. Silicone glue is (or at least, supposed to be) a non-conductive adhesive commonly used in electronics and shouldn’t cause any problems in screwing up the signal. However, what Pat did up there is a valid solution to problem – by taping the damn thing down.

    IMO i think the engineers may have put too much padding on the drums to make them “soft,” so much that it pretty much absorbs all of the force and very little gets transferred to the sensor. Taping it down should help in transferring the pressure more effectively to the sensor. Give it a try. I took mine apart and all I did was use some tape to secure it more firmly to the base plate that it sits on (which is what Pat also does). My drums work beautifully now.

    So you guys probably don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) remove the glue form the wires, rather just try taping doen the sensor first and see if it works. I agree though that this is probably the main problem that everyone is seeing with their drum set. It really is that simple a fix.

    Too bad it’ll probably cost Activision/RedOctane/Neversoft billions of dollars to create a more long-term solution, not to mention all the bad publicity they’re getting…

  10. 1337Plato Says:

    Hey, there IS a fix for the cymbals. I’ve posted a video on how to do it here:

    Basically you just put a piece of tape on the sensor. Watch the video to see how to do it. I’m also going to try this tape method on the drums tonight to see if it helps them too.

  11. Onepoker Says:

    Wait Stop pat is actually a terrorist and if you follow his directions exactly you will produce a bomb that will detonate in your living room shortly after you score 80% on Survivor!!!

    Ok maybe not but The fix seems to work THanks man!

  12. colin Says:

    does any one know if the symbol has a similar electrical make up as the drum? i seem to be having the problem on one of high hats, but i dont want to take it apart if these instructions wont apply to it.

  13. Vergeroth Says:

    I just did that today
    I wanted to give it a try before going back to best buy. Red pad stoped working, after my friend jynx’d me. so I opened the drums and, surprise! one wire from the red pad was not sticked to the silicone I just used red electrical tape on it and drums are working great.
    I really recommend ppl to post if this has fixed their drums problems, so far I have played 5+hrs straight and drums feels as they should be.
    Thx so much for posting this and being an adventurous person :P

  14. Activision Addresses GHWT Drum Sensitivity - Xbox 360 Forum Says:

    [...] part to adjust the sensativity. Hmmm Cool. I’d like to hear if it works well? I found this – How to fix the drums for Guitar Hero World Tour | but if that works then I’d rather get the tuner than start taking apart the kit. [...]

  15. somebody Says:

    One note of warning for anyone attempting this: I doubt Activision would replace your drums if you’ve attempted to fix them yourself. Of course how would they know if you attempted unless you admit to it right?

  16. Kissmonster Says:

    I went ahead and did this to my red pad, which required quite a lot of “oomf” before, now it works like a charm. I would like to point out that while the silicone glue might not be the problem, it is worth while to remove the wires, and put them back on yourself. When I looked at the wires for my red pad, there was so little actual wire touching the contact it was rediculous. I’m surprised the thing worked at all.

  17. JDS Says:

    I just repaired the red pad using your instructions. Works great now. Of the two connections, tt was the inside wire on the sensor that I worked on. Removed from existing mount, stripped out additional wire, taped to clean spot on sensor.
    I didn’t even touch the outside wiring on the sensor.

  18. clement Says:

    does any one know about a guide for fixing the yellow symbol because mine is totally dead. and its the internal wiring cuz the symbols can be swapped and they work on the right side but not the left and i opened it and didnt see any lose wires. and how much would the shipping cost if i wanted to send it in
    ? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Alex Says:

    I would as well like to know if there is a certain fix for the yellow cymbal. This is my 2nd GH drumset and alas it is f***ing broken. with my 2nd drumset at first the red pad aws too sensitive, so i took it apart to check for loose wires, but there were none, so i put it back together and it worked fine for about 2 hours. after that i was trying to play stranglehold, and the f’in yellow cymbal gave out. help plz!

  20. admin Says:

    Did you try removing the glue from the yellow cymbal’s sensor, then taping it down? Some people are saying the glue is messing it up.

  21. Lucas Says:

    how do i go about fixing my green pad if it jsut keeps repeatably hitting?

  22. xMCxKINNEYx Says:

    I never had a problem with the internal wiring. Any problem I ever had was with the wiring on the sensors. I actually opened up my cymbal and did the same thing to those as I did to the individual drums. The sensor in the cymbals is exactly the same as the drum pads. If your green pad keeps repeatably hitting you should contact Activision about getting their free MIDI cable. Just go to their support site and tell them your problem. They are very helpful with any problems related to Guitar Hero. I actually got the MIDI cable and the program for the computer and it works flawlessly. I was able to adjust the sensitivity of my drum kit with no problems.

  23. Mike Says:

    What Ive come to find out w/fixing the Right Cymbal was , that the wiring itself
    seem to be alittle “Tight” .. if you look closely to the wire thats feed into the metal
    post .. there’s alittle Square box made of wire’ that fits into a holding slot. Once un-screwing and moving that “little Square box” out of the holding slot. The Cymbal kicked in …
    But now I’m faced w/a new problem =/
    Hope maybe I can find some feed back from someone here .
    The wire on the other Cymbal has come right out of the PLug
    It didnt tear nor break to leave me any raw wires to twist together ect ..
    It just come plain plum out of the plug =/

  24. Steve Says:

    My cymbals both died at the same time after a few days. I tried taking them apart to see if there’s a problem and couldn’t see anything wrong. Tried tapping the sensor when it was apart but still plugged in and no response. Tried swapping cymbals and that didn’t work. Took the drums apart and traced the cymbal wires to the chip and no visible problems there. Would it be possible to swap the drum wires with a cymbal wire and see if the problem is with the cymbal or the computer chip? Any other ideas?

  25. Lyle Says:

    Hey, my cymbal is not working :( …its the one which came with the yellow ring..I tried switching the cymbals and the orange one works fine on the yellow cymbal spot….which means the yellow one is broken…….how can i fix this??…do u think they’ll be abke to replance it at Jb-Hi Fi??….plz reply.

  26. Carl B. Says:

    Does any one know were I can get a replacement wire for the symbol?
    Check this out. I’ve figured out that the wire is just to scrawny. The dam thing just gave out on me when I accidentally over turned the symbol pad. I checked everything out and the chip works fine so do the heads and came to a conclusion that the wire became faulty. So if anybody knows were I can get a replacement wire or if someone makes them I would be willing to pay for two new ones. But as long as there nice and thick enough so this doesn’t happen again. Thanxs

  27. patrick Says:

    Can some one help me. I took the front bit off my red pad, how can I get it back on.

  28. Taylor S Says:

    So, I have had World tour for the WII for about a whole 3 hours. Everything was fine, and then yellow cymbal stopped working…couldnt figure out why, until I saw a friggin WIRE hanging out the bottom of the cymbal! Just like Mike said on the 7th, it apparently slipped right out of the plug, no wires to twist together – nothing. Just clean out. And not working when put back in. What the heck should I do about this?

  29. Dryxel Says:

    I did alot of testing, my left symbol wire is bad, I have swapped pads, and the pads both work on the right side. I even tested with the snare drums moving them to the symbol switch, and they worked. so I know its not the circut board, or the sensor since it worked when I swapped them around..
    so I have come to think that the wire is shorted or just plain bad.. I can’t get the wire to work at all, even after playing around with it.. so I’m on my way to radio shack to see if I can some how make my own wire. i’ll post back with my findings.

  30. Dryxel Says:

    ok.. so I figured out my problem, wasn’t a sensitivity problem that 98% of everyone is having it was the wiring as stated above. pulled out the wiring that led to the non working symbol. I checked the end that plugs right into the board its self, that look good so then I had to check the connection to the actually plug that looks like a head phone jack but to do that I had to remove the casing which wasn’t that easy. I took a utility knife and sliced as much of the covering as possible. one of the connections wasn’t even making contact. I don’t know how this is possible since everything inside the jack is completely enclosed in the rubber. so I spliced the wire a bit and re-soldered the wire to the right ports and plug the symbol in and viola my symbol started working again… I’m going to radio shack in the morning to buy a bigger gauge wiring and rewire the symbols.. I’m going to also look at kicking up the sensitivity of all the drums up.

  31. adam Says:

    the fact is, you shouldnt get to the stage when u are pulling your fucking drums apart, they should work. full fucking stop, i didnt pay 300 bucks to be fucking around with this shit, my drums and guitar are both screwed, fuck you guitar hero im getting my money back and getting rock band

  32. Mike Bowen Says:

    A very big thank you to everyone (except Adam above) for all your comments. I too had the red drum problem, where it was working perfect well last night while playing Rock Band, and this morning it was completely dead. I called Game, and they said “Yeah mate, plenty of people phoning up saying the same thing. Please contact our customer care number and they’ll arrange to have it repaired. It could take up to three weeks because they are now out of stock and it’s the run up to Xmas”.

    I thought screw that, and opened it up, and the inner cable on the red drum was not even touching the sensor. The workmanship is pretty poor. I exposed the wire a bit more. They only at 1mm exposure. I gave it 5mm and taped it directly to the middle. Tested it, and it worked brilliantly. In fact, no more bashing the drum like we use too.

    Thanks again.

  33. Jason Says:

    I have a problem with my drums sync’ing to the xbox. The xbox thinks the drum kit is a microphone. Anyone else have this problem?

  34. Jason P Says:

    I do appreciate the info given out by people in order to fix this problem but I have to agree with Adam (other than the language which isn’t needed). To think that I’m spending $200 for a game that I then have to think abour re wiring is absurd. It isn’t that I don’t think I could do it. I’m sure I could wire the whole thing since I used to work on cars all the time but should I?
    The big question is this, IF the drums are messing up now and everyone is making these easy fixes, what are the drums going to be doing a year from now? I have to wonder if all of them will be rewiring the entire set in a year. Again, I appreciate the posts on how to fix but Activision has really hung people out to dry on this one. I have Rockband 2 but have all of the Rockband 1 instruments so I have waited for GHWT just for the drums and now this. I have the box unopened right now and am thinking about returning it because I bought it at Gamestop. Gamestop has been instructed not to take back anything while others are returning to Walmart. I may look for the kit at Walmart.

    Lastly, I would really like to know when a NEW VERSION of these drums goes out or if they have yet.

  35. Jason Says:

    DO NOT OPEN FROM GAMESTOP! I bought the GHWT from game stop and have yet to play the drums. They will not take them back or replace them. I will never again buy a game much less a system from them. The drums will not work and I attempted to return them the next day. The guy laughed when I brought them in and said ” We are instructed not to accept this game and this game only for returns”. I said read the receipt 7 days no matter what and he laughed again. I thought this was the local store giving me a hard time but after 5 emails to gamestop corp I’m stuck with a drum system that doesn’t work. Now they want me to ship it back and pay for shipping for a system that never worked from day one. Kiss my ass.

  36. Victor Says:

    Hey man! Thanks so much for this guide! I’m from Malaysia, so getting any kind of warranty is nigh impossible. It’s a miracle I can GET the game in the first place.
    Followed your guide, but the first time I tried it, it worked great…….. for about 2 hours. I opened it and realize that there wasn’t enough tape.

    So I really used a TON of tape to try to hold it down. Worked perfectly, except of the fact that the red pad kept “jumping”…… I opened it up once again and realized that the contact, even though it had tons of tape, still was kinda loose, but not loose enough for it to be completely off.

    Did some “creative” taping and now it works. Going on 2 days and still no problems.

    Thanks once again for saving me a very costly DHL box to the US!

  37. Jeremy Seburn Says:

    I also had my red pad “die” on me. I opened up the back as described here, (thanks so much!) pulled the wires from the silicone and realized that: a) there was literally almost NO wire exposed to contact the sensor and …
    b) the wires running to that pad were so tight (too short/no slack) that even if good contact was being made, it could have ‘pulled off’ due to the tension of the wires at any time. I stripped off about 1/4″ insulation and stuck a tiny piece of electrical tape onto the insulated parts of the wires, making sure the bare wires were touching the sensor, then used a small amount of silicone adhesive and dabbed it onto the bare wires. let that set overnight, and its better than new…. LITERALLY… in this case.

  38. Juliet Says:

    PLEASE HELP – the blue pad has come off – but we dont know how to get it back on – is it possible – does ANYONE know ?PLEASE HELP!

  39. Carlos Says:

    My red pad is not working aswell, ill try to fix as u guys posted the solution but also i accidentally took the red pad off from the front so i wonder, if i take the back off to do the repai, i can also put the red pad back?

    Thaks in advance.

  40. George Says:

    Could anybody confirm the plug order on the little board inside the drum set?

  41. George Says:

    If you look on board, long side on the bottom, sign readable (not upside down) from left to right: red, yellow, green. Then on the right short side from top to bottom: white, blue.
    Is this OK? Mine is connected like this and it does not make sense, looks like yellow and white are wrong…

  42. George Says:

    Sorry I meant to say that yellow and blue looks like they are accidentally switched and that could be why my whole set is not responding at all…
    I need to confirm the color coded plug order on the little board.

  43. wendy Says:

    Now makes sense why there was a piece of paper in the documentation stating if you have any issues you are to contact the distributor not the retailer nor return it to the retailer!

  44. Aaron Maseri Says:

    hey dude any idea what kind of screwdriver do i need to use to open it?

  45. Juliet Says:

    it doesn’t look like anyone knows if it is possible to put the pad back on , if you take it off- if you do know PLEASE post the method – !!!

  46. Elenor Says:

    My son’s orange drum symbol is broken. The plug that goes into it has been pulled off of the wire. I can’t fix it b/c the wire won’t fit into the small opening on the silver plug. I can return it for free with Activision but i think they will be sending me just a new symbol…. how do I fix the wire that comes out of the stand that attaches to the symbol….. Please help my son is soooo upset…..

  47. josh Says:

    please help i was turning the orange symbol and the wire that goes from the drum to the symbol has split clean off the thing that plugs into the cymbol, i tried to put the wire back in but the hole is way too small…what can i do.

  48. me Says:

    WIll this work for a ps2 drumset?

  49. me Says:

    Because i got ghwt for ps2 for Christmas. First it took me forever to get the disk to work. Now after about 3 days the red drum just quit. Im afraid to open because if doesnt work i cant return then…. plz help)=

  50. cory Says:

    dude, me and my friend were playing guitar hero world tour and i thought i could move the top yellow pad around and the wire snaped and these little wires are hanging on it and now it doesnt work. how do i fix it, or where do i go.

  51. Pete Says:

    Thanks for all the info. I will attempt to fix the Red pad issue. It just burns me up that the quality workmanship/engineering/assembly is not what it should be for the price paid. It will break my kids hearts if I tell him I can’t
    fix and have to send it back for repair/replace. Question: Are the big three auto makers working for activision

  52. Juliet Says:

    if i can’t fix the drum pad who can i return it to for replacement or repair ? anyone know?

  53. Previously annoyed Mark Says:

    hey thank god for this information on this website!
    took like 2 hours alltogether but maybe thats cos i didnt have an allen or hex key lol.
    Red Octane should be very disapointed with themselves!
    Not only do they make a crappy drumkit that us customers have to risk fixing ourself but their ‘help’ site is crap.
    if you select your drumkit is ‘sometimes’ registering hits than it just leads you to a link to fix it using the midi cable and pc software (red octane, i already did this and had to wait 3 weeks for my midi cable! so this aint gunna fix anything.
    and if you select your drumkit/pad isnt working at all it just tells you to go back to the retailer you brought it from (who dont want to know after 28 days! i should know, i work in retail.)
    so sorry bout the rant but thank you very much for the fix! =]
    oh and btw mine was the green pad to go faulty.

  54. Ryan Says:

    Thanks a lot for the awesome guide man! My red pad was messed up and I just finished fixing it and it works perfectly now. I no longer have to hit it as hard as I can to get it to register.

  55. Guitargurl Says:

    Nephew twisted the yellow cymbol all the way around until the wire came off of the plug. We’ve tried attaching the jack from a set of head phones and wiring it together, with no luck.

    Any advice?

  56. Says:

    I had the same problem on the yellow cymbal, One of the kids must have yanked on the wire and disconnected from the plug. We tryed to rewire the plu to no avail. Any suggestions?

  57. Lonny Miller Says:

    Got GHWT the day it came out for the PS3! Four days later the red pad quit working! I then had to go through this rediculous process for a warranty claim! In December I finally got a drum set, but guess what, it was for a Wii! I have yet to get this resolved! They need to fix how they handle business or there will be a lot more Rock Band players!

  58. scott childress Says:

    THANKS for the info.

    Only took me about an hour, i took pictures as I went along (will post to my site in the morning)

    a few notes:

    1- no special tools required. someone mentioned something about an allen wrench – nope, just a phillips screwdriver to take the back off, a knife to strip the wires and get rid of that gunky soft glue mess they put on there, and some electrical tape to tape it all back up.

    2- take the last three screws at the top off last and put them back on first – these are the ones that hold the console on top…it just makes it easier.

    3- be careful not to let the wires touch their opposite locations when taping them back, otherwise it still wont work

    4- dont overtighten the screws – the plastic seems like it would crack easily

    DONT take off the pads.

    IF you did, here’s my ideas for ya:

    1. take off the back
    2. line the little rubber nubs up with the holes they came out of
    3. use some needle nose pliers to pull them back through and hold the pad on (this is how it was manufactured in the first place)
    4. if you ripped those nubs when you removed it, then you’re gonna have to think of something else and be creative….i would just glue them on being sure to not put glue on any wires or connections.

    and to answer those who ripped their plug off….

    Radio Shack.

    take the ripped off plug into the Shack and they can order something for you if they don’t already have it in stock. a headphone jack won’t work because this plug isn’t a stereo headphone plug and has two sections that are spaced differently (even though it may fit).

    In my opinion – this red pad fix is so easy there is no reason to give up your set for 2 weeks or more when you can fix it yourself in an hour.

    im happy.

  59. andrew Says:

    i encountered a problem with my red drum, it didn’t seem to be responsive at all so me and my grandfather opened it up and the black wire connected to the sensitivity pad had fallen off,

    so what we did was scrape off all the glue with a butter knife while heating up the soilder, then stripped the wire and soldered it to the sensitivity pad, cut a small piece off electrical tape and put that over it then put the back cover back on it and it was working better then when i had bought it.

    also if you are still within the 3 month warranty go to and order the drum sensitivity tuning usb midi

    thanks for all your help

  60. Lisa Says:

    Thank you so much, we did exactly as you said and it worked amazingly! Definitely saved us the hassle of sending it away to get fixed!

  61. Angie Says:

    Activision is really good to replace parts for the World Tour Set. I had a wire come out of the post that connects to the yellow symbol. It was misunderstood and they sent a stand….now they are sending the entire drum pad…….and it was/is free!

  62. Carrie Says:

    I ended up using a soldering iron to reconnect the wires after i removed the glue. It works perfect. Now my orange symbol is not working and I took it apart, but I am afraid to remove the glue and solder it like I did with the red drum because, the wires are really short, and there is no room if I make a mistake!! Do you have any suggestions? My email is

  63. PeripheralRepairman Says:

    GF and I got GHWorld for the drum set since it was on sale(we already love rockband1 and 2). Red drum was dead out of the box. Found this article and decided to try it. Did everything as prescribed and did not work. Then we were afraid that we just ruined our chances at warranty return. I kept at it, taping a section of the red wire jacket further from the bare wire first, then taping the bare wire down. I had to be very careful that the wire did not touch the center disc of the sensor as well as the outer disc, which I believe was why it didn’t work the first try. Its also easy to get the bare wire rolled in a wrinkle of electrical tape.
    So finally the pad was working. However before we found this site my gf had already removed the drum skin from the top of the drum when she was initially investigating the drum and wires for bad connections. I had to remove all the screws (AGAIN) and take the bottom of the housing off. I removed the whole drum disc from the case this time, undoing my taped wiring of course. There are three big black nipples on the bottom of the drum pad “sandwich”. You can see them at 1, 5, and 9 o’clock on the ‘fixed’ drum labeled in the pictures on this page. You have to use some small pliers or blunt needle note pliers to stuff the bottom ring of each nipple through the hole beneath it, then pull the rest through. If you use pliers that are too pointy you might pierce and damage the nipples (ouch!). Once its free you have to sandwich the drum skin on the other side with the drum pad inside of it. I used a thin piece of wood + some vice grips opened as wide as they could go to squeeze it strong enough. Wood + small “C” clamp would also work. While the red drum skin’s small red rubber nipple is smashed against the small hole, you have to try to pluck it through the plastic hole with some needle nose pliers – without chewing up the rubber nipple(s). The drum skin’s nipples are much easier to damage than the black ones. Once you have all the drum skin nipples pulled through so that their “bead” is fully through each hole, you can start working on pulling the black ones through their respective holes, completeing the drum “sandwich”. Then you continue as the original instructions on this page specify and finally screw all the screws back in again.
    I don’t feel that not being able to return a product to the store is very fair, especially with a known issue like this. I’d also like to say that the wiring used is extremly cheap.. The actual wire inside of the insulation is like 5 tiny hairs of tinfoil, if that. It barely qualifies as wiring.
    We also had to replace the spring inside of the rock band guitar’s body for the whammy bar about 5 times to be fair. I just invested in a battery operated soldering kit for future ‘projects’. I’m sure I will need it unfortunately.

  64. Ste Says:

    Genius! Worked a treat and very easy to do, just incase t hasnt already been published you need a T10 screwdriver to whip the back off! Thanks very much mate, Your a star! *

  65. robert Says:

    I haven’t seen an answer as to where to get a replacement connection cable, could someone please answer that. Thanks.

  66. hayden Says:

    I have had a problem with the wiring inside the symbol holder it seems to be longer than the other one. what i think is that the wire has been pulled out too much but im to afraid of opening it because i might make it worse

  67. Nathan Says:

    Many thanks! Life saver =D.

  68. Phoenix Says:

    WOW! I have been complaining about my red drum pad for a while, when I saw this I tried it immediately, and it worked!!

    Thanks a bunch!

  69. shan Says:

    awh man i dont really understand how that would work i have the same prob with the yellow symbol-wire came out and cant go back in please i would appreciate it if someone would help:(thanks

  70. carrie Army Wife Says:

    My husband and i got Guitar Hero world Tour for Christmas for us and for our kids. Shortly after we got it the wiring came out of the head phone looking plug that plugs into the yellow symbol. I called Activision and they said they would send me a new symbol with the wiring with it. Does anyone have any pointers on how to reconnect it when i get it back. I dont understand why they dont make the darn thing more durable since its going to get beat on a daily basis. Thank You.

  71. Carmen Says:

    Hi there… I purchased GHWT for my son for Xmas and the red drum stopped working two days later. I was so annoyed because we had problems finding the game as they were all sold out in the shops so I brought it for him from Ebay. I have been emailing them daily asking for their help and NO reply so getting desperate I tried your fix and it worked brilliantly. Thank you so much!!! As to how a company like that can get away with a quality issue as big as that is totally beyond me. Thanks again, your legends!!

  72. Dana Says:

    Awsome, Fixed it like a charm, Was pissed when the red drum diddnt work. Thanks bro.

  73. ben Says:

    hey,my lil brother pulled my orange symbol off with out unplugging it and now the wire has completely seperated from the headphone like plug you put into the symbol. ive cut away the rubber and im going to try and re solder the wires back on to it, unfortunately ive only got a silver form of solder, will this work? thanks

  74. Scott Says:

    so i have the same problem alot of people have. my child spun the cymbal and ripped the wire in half. i spliced it together and nothing. ok, so i thought i did it wrong. took the set apart and switched the good wire for the spliced one and good wire did not work either. could it have possibly fried my board?

  75. hhhh Says:

    My red drum cord has come out from the actual circuit and snapped off from the teeth, does anyone know if it can be resoldered on? When I press the snapped circuit cord to the board the drum hits so it still works but I cant stick it there, any help would be awesome thanks

  76. mickey Says:

    Where can i get the wire i am replacing

  77. Pitz Says:

    Thanks, this was invaluable to me today. 10 days after my 90 days ended i began playing today. Suddenly no red. Thanks to the comments and simple explanation offered I was inspired to try. 15 minutes later my drum set is the best its ever been. Who would think such a simple process. Thanks heaps.

  78. Casey Says:

    Can you get the wires to the cymbals to fix the bad wire.

  79. Karla Says:

    This is the process for replacing a drum pad that was taken off from the front, first you need to remove all the screws in the back and take the back off. Then you will see three big rubber nipples that you need to gently push through. If the wires are still attached you will have to be very careful because they will pull lose easily but as posted in all the other post it can be overcome if this happens. Line up your pad with the holes and put some presure on it to push the tips through then use some small pliers to pull them through. Now just line up the three nipples and pull them back through (they are much easier) and put everything back together.

  80. Nam Says:

    I brought a Wii version of the game and the same thing happened to me. The red drum pad doesn’t work. Will your method work on the Wii version or just for whatever console you bought yours for?

    Thanks in advance!

  81. kyle Says:

    hay my syble want work at allcan anyone help plz i love it

  82. OuTrIgHtChAoS Says:

    I freakin love you man. I got the GHWT bundle at the end of October for my birthday and within 2 weeks the red pad on the drums wasn’t working. I tried the Drum Tuning Kit (to absolutely no avail) and filed a warranty claim. When I saw I needed to go spend even more money and then wait several weeks on top of that for a replacement, I didn’t exactly rush. Just a few days ago I decided I’d go ahead and do it, but the 3 months for the warranty had expired. I asked Red Octane if I could still send it in since I filed it in November, but they told me that ‘it had to be followed through’ and that I was basically screwed. I figured my 2 options were: 1) screw with it and see if I could fix it myself or 2) buy a new set for $60 and hope it wasn’t broken.

    Thank god I chose the first and found this. After fiddling with it for 45 minutes and spending $2 to go get electric tape, the drums work like a charm now. Originally I was stuck because I was taping the wire down over the same area it was before I stripped the glue, so it was still partially blocked. After finally moving it to a smooth area it worked fantastically. I love you

  83. admin Says:

    We love you too! Glad we could help =D

  84. cain2217 Says:

    all my pads work except my yellow symbol but i have it on ps3 can u tell me how to fix this???

  85. jay Says:

    My GH World tour for xbox 360 keeps losing wireless connectivity mid song. The game is 4 months old and has only moderate usage. This just started to happen. It reconnects right away but the stopping and starting obviously takes the fun out of it. Has anyone run inot this problem?

  86. Patrick Says:

    I have 2 cymbals not working. How would I get a replacement for the 2 cymbals. I tested everything and I’m sure that I need a new 2 cymbals. Has anyone know where to get a replacement?

  87. Colleen Says:

    My son tried to fix his drum by taking the drum head off and now we can’t get it back on. I can see that there are soft little pegs that apparently fit into matching smaill crevices – does it just pop back in? I have been trying to do that with no luck.

  88. NKW Says:

    I had the issue where my red drum pad was WAY TOO SENSITIVE suddenly after a few weeks. I tried the midi tuing, but that did not work even with the red sensitivity at minimum. The FIX: I opened up the drum unit from the bottom, which requires a torx driver, and found the metal piezo sensor disc was not stuck down tightly for the red pad, like the other sensors. I pressed it down hard, and the sensitivity was totaly normal again! I have seen a few others report this problem, so I hope this helps.

  89. drumroll Says:

    Hi, I’ve been scrolling through allmost the hole page, well started yesterday and finished now. NO, I’m not that slow a reader but have to work too. As I’ve seen almost all of us have the same problem about the pads’ wiring. I took exactly the same route as the most of you guys but I did solder the wire to sensor, just thought it might last a bit longer.
    -If anyones wondering I’m on my second drumset and the problem was on the first and second was the same after using it for a few hours the red pad stopped working. this is annoying since I’m a drummer in a real band and the game suddenly says I’m not good enough.

    Thanx man! I was unsure of opening the set since I now have owned it for 3 days, and as we all know the warranty is void if opened. But it was a piece of cake!

  90. becky Says:

    Has anyone had n e look fixing the wiring of their yellow symbol? I think my 3 yr old has accidently pulled it out of my boyfriends drum kit and im panicking i won’t get it fixed. If anyones got any tips please? someones said i can get a replacement through my warrenty but im not sure which bit they’d replace. I cant seem to get the whole symbol off the drum kit so how would i replace it? Thanks for any advice. Be much appreciated :D

  91. miranda Says:

    I have prolems with the drum kit as well I an now on my eigth kit I have mailed watchdog a consumer programe on the bbc asking them to look in to the problems we all have had its about time redoctane/activision sorted this lot out the build quality and the warrenty issues a 90 day warrenty is crap then all the hassle of sending it back or resorting to homemade fixes is not the answer if you want to get behind this and force their hand to sort these problems out here is the website there are hundreds of us out there with the same problem this is not right. complain and get a victory for the consumer for once

  92. Jenny Says:

    Thank you so much for the advice. Red drum pad works perfectly now!

  93. Scholesy Says:

    Hi Anyone know what type of wire (i.e. the name/product id) is used for the symbols as ,y 4 year old decidd to twist the symbols rond and round until both were broken. So I want to replace the wire myself and sort the issue. Kids eh who’d have them.

  94. jew Says:

    I need the wire that connects to th the yellow symbal mines ripped where can I get one?

  95. Kara Says:

    I need help finding the yellow symbol wire mine was ripped out…please help=]

  96. bart Says:

    I’ve found 6 people in the comment complaining that they took off the drum pads off the red colored pad instead of unscrewing the back why can’t you help it, b/c I DID THE SAME THING TOO :( My red not working, have to hit it hard,works 20% of the time, then decide to rip of the pads, then found two wires not connected to glue thing, DID NOT TOUCHED IT, taught it as a minor problem, then tried to hit red then it hit all the other pads, which made me PEE my pants, read this article, know the prob, then how the HELL do you put the pads back on, tried hot glue,DID NOT stick, now it made it a bit messy, I’ll unscrew the back when my pads is STICK back to normal to the red pad.Im 12 years old,live in Bahrain,is this canceling the warranty, and have to not let my dad now about this cuz he will shout at me, hope to tell my mom cuz she is an expert with hot glue so please help all of us to just stick back the pad, please post an answer cuz my dad is suspicious

  97. James Says:

    Hi Bart. Are you sure just removing the pads will void the warranty? I thought you have to unscrew the back to void it. Also, if you just took the pads off, they should fit right back on the set. To fix the pad as described in this article you will NEED to remove the back, that’s where the wires are that need to be fixed. As far as the yellow symbol wire being ripped out, I have no idea. It seems a lot of people have had this problem, I’ll see if there is a fix.

  98. bart Says:

    NO, is removing the pad voiding the warranty?

  99. James Says:

    Just removing the top pad would most likely NOT void the warranty. As long as there were no stickers you had to break, or screws you removed, the warranty should still be there.

  100. cindy Says:

    dude you rock! We fixed my son’s drum -any tips for the foot pedal?

  101. Jose Says:

    hey I need help look the red and black cables under the pad they ripped off and I dont kno how to fix it .

  102. kAsPeR Says:

    Hey not sure if any one has posted anything about the wire being ripped out of the symbols or not but my friends kids turned my symbols around until the wire came out of the jack the plugged into them. It took me a bit to work with it but if you strip the wire and bypass the jack (headphone lookin plug in) and tape the wires to the sensors just like for the drum pads it works great now! Just a side note you might want to unscrew the stands the symbols are attached to and lift up the wire so that the additional wire inside the drum set can come out there’s bout 4 to 6 inches of extra wire in there. Good luck hope this helped!

  103. Marissa Says:

    Are the Drums the same for the Wii?? And is this fix good for the Wii drums??

  104. kAsPeR Says:

    Hey Marissa yes as far as i know the drums are basically the same for each console and this will work for the wii.

  105. dilek Says:

    OH MY GOD!!! You gave me a completely working drum kit! I can’t thank you enough.

  106. KennyWolf Says:

    Okay. This seems helpful and all but it isnt my problem. My problem is that the wires that plug into the symbols dont work. And im not sure if i should open the drum base and try and fix it myself. So if anyone can give me a heads up it would be greatly appreciated.

  107. DragonWing2213 Says:

    So my orange symbol broke and wont even play a note but when i switch it still doesnt work, so something is wrong inside of it, does anyone know how to fix it?

  108. Lisa Says:

    hey all mine work but when i press one of the colour then the blue goes of aswell? do you know what to do?

  109. Lisa Says:

    Btw Are You Talkin About the wii Here????

  110. Lisa Says:

    thx so much my dad has now fixed it x

  111. Damo Says:

    Dude you are godly… thank you so much for this post.. so much beta then dealing with red octane

  112. Erica Says:

    Thank you so much it worked! I was mad when red octane said since I’m past my 90day warrenty there is nothing that they can do, but the rep on the phone did suggest that I get on the web and find some sites that could help. I did what he said that I found this and it worked. I took it apart and scraped the glue off, and made some of wire expose and taped it down withe black electrical tape & wa-la it worked. Thanks again!

  113. i need help Says:

    I pulled of the front silicon drum heads with the little nubs on them and i can’t get them back on. I see other people have asked about this but the answers arn’t that clear. SOME ONE plaese help me.

  114. Joe Says:

    my friend yellow note on his drum set wont play but the rest of the not will play wat do i do to get tha yellow note to work

  115. Josh Says:

    I am having a problem with my orange symbol, when I hit another drum pad, the orange symbol hits also. Can anyone help me.

  116. Josh Says:

    I contacted Activision and they said to switch the cymbals and I did, they worked for 3 songs and now I am back to having sensitivity problem with the orange cymbal. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do, I really would appreciate it. Thanks!!

  117. Muns Says:

    I was wondering will this work for the wii?

  118. Ryan Says:

    heyyy ermmm that tape doesnt stick well and do you clear all the clue on the inner ring ?

  119. Ryan Says:

    to get a drum pad on all you have to do is get some plyers and pull the rubber back through :)

  120. kAsPeR Says:

    I lucked out! I went to gamestop when that had the $100 off sale on the gh band kits so i traded in a few old games i dont play any more and only had to 35 for a whole new kit so now i have 3 guitars and 2 drums! lol cant wait for gh 5!

  121. stevie macc Says:

    cheers for the help….it works again!!!

  122. Stéfan Says:

    I got a wire that was broken under one of my pads on a Wii drumset. What a piece of shit, they can’t make wires that dont break after 6 months of use of the instrument.
    Fortunately I’ve been able to fix it thanks to your guide.

  123. Stéfan Says:

    @muns: yes, this will work for the Wii, the inside is the same as on the Xbox.

  124. Stéfan Says:

    @Josh: did you try the sensitivity tuning software? I wrote something about it, but it’s in French:

  125. TheJay Says:

    This is seriously annoying. To all the people telling the people who have removed the front of the drum pads to simply pull the plugs through with plyers, THATS IMPOSSIBLE! You cant get at the plugs with plyers, because they’re underneath plastic covers and the gap is too small to use a pair of plyers. If anyone actually knows how to fix this, please help!

  126. Pitos Says:

    thanks so much for this guide but
    a) it does not include cymbal fix =S
    b) the fix on youtube is for sensitivity-that’s not the problem with my cymbal!!!
    my little brother spun the cymbals round (idk how many times) but he pulled the cable out of that pin thing that attaches to the side of the cymbals. the adapter pin thing that plugs in has not got the cable in.
    i have tried soldering it back into the hole but i did not know the whole thing came off down to the solicone!
    any help?
    thanks, ~Pitos~

  127. chandler Says:

    on my orange cymbal the part that attaches to the rod that holds the cymbal broke off. i dont have a clue on how to get it back on. i need all the help i can get because i love playing the drums. i have the connecter piece still.

  128. Karan Says:

    Instead of sticking it I just re-soldered it and covered it with tape to hold it. Works perfectly.


  129. Eileen Says:

    Just wanted to leave another recommendation for this fix. I looked it all up and my son (17) did the actual fix and no kidding, in 15-20 minutes it was all back together again and working fine. We had ZERO red drum – just stopped working all together. When we got the back off of the kit, sure enough one of the red drum’s wires was not even attached anymore. My one note would be to get a wire stripper if you don’t have one to use. The wires are very thin and it’s tough to use the teeth or fingers methods because the wires break so easily. Thank you for the fix. We have a party set for the upcoming Beatles Rockband release (we’ll use the guitar hero kit) and without your fax we would have been reduced to the old rockband drum kit and it’s clankety-clank noise. Fabulous fix.

  130. Jon Says:

    whenever i hit my blue drum pad it registers a hit on my red. Has anyone had this problem? any help on fixing it is appreciated

  131. Jasper Says:

    we had the same problem with my green pan it only picks up if you hit it really hard or press on it super hard. so we took it apart and seen a wire wasnt even attached anymore. so we figured just solder it on and it should work…. well nope its actually worse now and barley picks up at all. would getting a new pad ordered in fix the problem?

  132. Jodie Says:

    The drum fix above works well. When I got inside, the red drum wire had detached completely. A few minutes of fixing it and testing and all is good. Thanks!

  133. Ryan Says:

    How do you reattach the covering pad because it came off and I can’t seem to get it back on

  134. DMH Says:

    This worked perfectly. You’re brilliant.

  135. JohnSmith Says:

    Thanks very much for the guide, the red drum now works perfectly, under the glue the wire had broken from the solder, electrical tape works fine.

    Thanks Again, you’ve saved alot of people alot of money.

  136. adamharriss Says:

    I had same prob on world tour drums and got a sparky friend to fix but it kept on happening.
    Then bought band hero drums thinking that they would have fixed prob but they havent so i sent them angry e-mail asking them to adress the prob. the wire they use is not flexible enough but you can get good speaker wire thats flexible and wont snap from vibrations thats all they need to do.
    They fixed the touchstrip on the guitar, why cant they fix the drums?
    What ever happened to looking after your consumers who helped make the product a success?

  137. Barb Says:


  138. maria Says:

    My son has just one drum that quit working. It had been working just fine then suddenly stopped. Do you think the wire needing to be taped down could be the problem of it working, then suddenly not?

    Thanks for your input,

  139. Royce Says:

    If you removed the drum pad from the front, to get it back on:
    Put a little oil on the nipples first, then clamp down near each nipple/hole to start them protruding through, then use needle nose pliers to pull them the rest of the way. The oil really helps.

  140. Dave Says:

    Great fix for GHWT’s crummy quality, poorly designed drums. Your advice keeps ‘em working. Thanks.

  141. justin Says:

    Man you saved me $100 for going to buy another drum set. Man i give you big props and thank you so much. Easiest thing i have ever fixed thanks to you.

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  147. PartGamerZA Says:

    Life Saver – I run a mobile gaming entertainment business and guitar hero is a smash hit at every party. Problems with the drum kits are a constant issue and I have a couple of kits just lieing around now. Hopefully can get some of them to work. trying to pick up a few more second hand sets for spares at the moment.

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  149. Ego Says:

    So I just borrowed a GH3 PS3 drum kit from my friend (picked up, more like), I found that the cable for the yellow cymbal was just hanging out, not connected to anything. The orange one, though, is connected to the port just above the one for the pedal.

    Am I missing anything here? Like a splitter or something?

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  155. theUsedfan Says:

    so you said that you can send it back and they can fix it how do i do that?

  156. Jacque Jordan Says:

  157. Marisol Roman Says:

    Thanks man, it really work on me, for the first time ever I could fix my gh drums all by myself :)

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